Deca Durabolin - Complete Package Of Body Building In One Steroid

Deca Durabolin falls under Nandrolone group of steroids. It is an effective anabolic steroid which holds very well esteem in the professional circle of body builders. Not only hardcore professionals but also beginners adapt to it very well, as it offers overall improvement in all countable aspects of body building and very low in side effects. Professionals call it just “Deca”, welcome the affordable wonder now. Buy Deca and usher in positive changes in your mind and body.

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Features and Effects of Deca

When we add a long large Decanoate ester chain with Nandrolone hormone we get Deca Durabolin. The attached ester adds slow releasing effect to the potential Nandrolone hormone and thus does away with the need for frequent administration. This effect also reduces potential side effects. Technically this drug is less androgenic than Testosterone and also has far lower estrogenic side effects. This drug promotes sustainable over all development and is preferred by those who prefer slow but steady development.

Positive effects of Deca are many and the list is pretty long. Improved bone density, development of lean mass and muscle, improved red blood cell count, improved protein synthesis and nitrogen retention - all come under its umbrella. Deca also provides a solution from joint problems which often occurs at the later stage of cutting cycle.It is one of the rare steroids which is extensively used in both on and off cycle stage of body building.

Administration and Side effects of Deca

Deca is taken as an intramuscular injection. Its dosage is lower than Testosterone in frequency. The ideal range for a male is 250 - 500 mg/week for 8 -12 weeks. The range for female athletes stands at 50-150 mg/week for 4 to 7 weeks. Normally ‘is extremely low in side effects. It is non-hepatotoxic and slightly androgenic. Other than the cases of abuse, Deca suits well to the routine of every sincere athlete.

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